Welcome to Roly Poly Puppies!

Bernadette's Promise : "I will help you find the perfect puppy to match your life style and family"


About Us

What We Breed

We only breed family frinedly dogs. we specialize in Golden Retrievers, Shiba-Inus and hybrid mix designer dogs such as Puggles, Golden Doodles and Cock A Poos. Our puppies are greatly loved, and they are friendly and cuddly. This is not merely a business. We love our puppies and their parents.

Each of our puppies are examined by Cornell trained vets and come with documentation of health. We are liscensed by the state of New York.

Who We Support

Our philosophy is that when a puppy is adopted an orphaned child should also be adopted. A portion of the profits from our puppy sales goes to World Vision. We also support our local ASPCA which I am happy to say does not euthanize animals.

Where We Are & Where We Deliver

We are located in Moravia, NY just 25 minutes north of Ithaca, NY.

We can deliver you puppy to your door if you live in New York, New Jersey, northern Pennsylvania or Connecticut. There will be an additional fee depending on the distance involved. We prefer not to ship our puppies because we want them to arrive at your home without any trauma from traveling. However, if there is no other alternative we will work with you to provide the best shipping conditions possible.

Some Puppy Videos

Chloe exercising and having a blast!

A Note From Bernadette:

My love for animals started very early. I have loved and cared for animals all of my life. I have had every pet imaginable and even rescued white mice from a dental school when my brother, Ed, was a student.

I've always dreamed of working with animals in some capacity and after moving to central New York, my lifelong dream has become a reality.

I breed Golden Retrievers and I help a few of my trusted friends sell their Golden Doodles, Shiba Inus and their adorable hybrid mixes. We take great pride in our healthy, happy puppies.

We are also very grateful for the confidence that is placed in us and the countless referrals that we receive year after year from the happy dog owners who have adopted our puppies in the past.


We work with excellent Cornell-trained vets who care for our adult dogs and our puppies. I have been blessed to have one of my favorite vets Dr. Kerry Norris buy the house right next door to me. So, in a moments notice I have a vet on hand. We also work with a wonderful seasoned country vet Dr. Arthur Underwood that is a never ending source of gentleness, wisdom and dedication. I am grateful to have been blessed to work with such wonderful veteranarians who have also become my friends.

Our vets often comment on how beautiful and healthy our dogs are and they always spend extra time stroking and admiring our puppies. They refer to our puppies as "fine canine specimens". And, Dr. Underwood often chuckles when he sees our puppies and comments on how well nourised they are. That is actually where the name Roly Poly Puppies came from.

Before the puppies go to their adoptive families, I bring them to my home to get a jump start on potty training. There is a constant flow of neighborhood children who come to play with our puppies. My house has literally "GONE TO THE DOGS," and I LOVE IT.


Every year thousands of puppies and dogs become ill and many die needlessly because breeders in their ignorance try to save money and administer cheap shots which are made in China.


Also, many puppies and dogs die needlessly or become very ill as they are being transported in the cargo sec. It is best if you can come to pick your puppy up. However, if you cannot come to us, I arrange for college students to LOVINGLY DELIVERY our puppies to their new homes. There is of course, an additional delivery fee, according to the distance that is involved. This is how our students make extra spending money for school.

Our adult dogs are given the finest quality dog foods on the market. They are also supplemented with organic meat, free range eggs and goats milk. All of this care is expensive, but we have healthy dogs with shiny coats, and they are happy and healthy. This in turns makes our dams wonderful nurturers.

I truly love this work. I am by nature a people person and am also an avid animal lover. I derive a great sense of satisfaction from helping people find the right fit and the puppy with the best personality to add to their famiies. I do have a degree in Psychology and use what I have learned to make suggestions to our adoptive families.

However, I must say that most of our matches are really made in heaven. I pray that the Lord direct the people to my website that are deserving of our precious puppies. I also pray that He send people who need our puppies the most. He is VERY faithful.

Our puppies are a source of great joy, healing and companionship.

I am always here for you and am happy to answer any questions you may have. Adopting a puppy is an important life decision and every question you have needs to be answered so that you can make an informed decision. So, NEVER feel that you are bothering me. To the contrary, I welcome your questions. Making you happy, makes me happy too.

Roly Poly Puppies is now up on Facebook. So click LIKE. Then you can download photos of your dogs and post them on our Facebook wall. I always love seeing our puppies photos as they grow and enjoy hearing from our dear adoptive friends. It is also a great way to keep in touch with your dog's littermates.