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Paula and Annie
I can't tell you how pleased we are with the entire experience of purchasing our puppy with Roly Poly Puppies. Like for most, the process of trusting a breeder far away from your h... Read More
Dr. Meunier and Luke
I have owned dogs my whole life, but I have never had the perfect combination of sweetness and brains until my beautiful Roly Poly Doodle. -Dr. Santi Meunier... Read More
Ronni and Phil
Hi Bernadette, What a bundle of joy this little guy is! And so smart. We were walking on the street the other day and someone asked us where we got our puppy. We told them and t... Read More
The Hazens
When Mick and I came to visit you and had the opportunity to see all your beautiful puppies it was so hard to choose until Tucker made it clear he was our forever guy! Besides bein... Read More
The Epleys
Hi, Just wanted to let you know that we're loving our new baby! We named Luca, Ben! He has adjusted so well to our home! Ben is just such a love and does so well with my nieces!... Read More
Hi Bernadette, Mia is a love! So cuddly and loving and so easy to train! She and Jimmy are getting along great. Thanks again for everything! Kathleen, Jeff, Earl, and Mauve... Read More
The Messers
We were just thinking of you and want you to know Sophie is 8 months old now and Spoiled.  Thank you again for the Joy of our life. Terry and Jeff.... Read More
Here’s mick with his cousin....I want you to know this pup has brought so much joy into our lives.  He’s in puppy class-knows how to sit, touch, lie down, do low five and “l... Read More
Jimmy and Mia-The Saunders
Dearest Bernadette We just wanted to write and thank you for the two family members that you blessed us with; jimmy and Mia. They are the best of friends and can't live without ea... Read More
Edith Eby
Thank you Bernadette for giving Ruby a great start in life.... Read More
The Calidonna Family
Cally just turned two years old. We love her. Thank you so much Bernadette.... Read More
Delaney/Furnari Family
We would like to thank you so much for blessing our family with this amazing little puppy that we call Seamus 1 year ago to date. He is an amazing dog, he takes his therapy dog tes... Read More
Eleanor & Theo
When my daughter asked a stranger about his beautiful, friendly goldendoodle at the Ithaca Farmers Market last summer (just a few months after the loss of our 14 year old lab), lit... Read More
Hal & David
Murray is beyond adorable, effortlessly funny, endlessly huggable, unabashedly sweet, wily and very smart. He is the best kind of pet and companion - a daily reminder that nothing ... Read More
Lisa & Kodiak
Good evening! Kodiak is doing very well with us. We had a great ride home. He did get a little car sick though. He threw up 2x, but slept for most of the ride. He had a good 1st ni... Read More
Kelsey, Kieran, & Paddy
We just wanted to send over a note and let you know how much fun we are having with our little Paddy! He has been an absolute angel and is so adorable! He's been sleeping throughou... Read More
Ellie & The O’Brians
Ellie is doing awesome! She is so smart! Our family can not be more thrilled with our new addition. She is a gorgeous and incredibly sweet and smart Mini Golden Doodle, who prio... Read More
Dawn, Franco, Nico & Bella Giardina
Just wanted to let you know that Pina is amazing. She is growing so much and is over 8 lbs now. She was easily “bell” trained shortly after her arrival and is quite the happy l... Read More
David & Jenni
Although we have two bigger dogs, we did research on the puggle breed and decided that the adorable medium-sized dog would be a perfect addition to our family. When we first met th... Read More
Michele & Pat
The car ride went well. We even stopped along the way for Pat's dad to meet Murphy. John said murph was a "handsome little pup". That's big. Murph is adjusting to new home. He foll... Read More
Brittany, Trevor & Stella
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Attached is a photo of us with Stella on her first Christmas. She is doing great!... Read More
Cathy & Tony
In a pensive moment! Thank you for her! Tony loves her and gives her long, long walks every day!... Read More
Snowie We came with Stevie and Snowie in mind. It was really difficult to choose. We just love our Snowie!... Read More
Dear Bernadette, thank you so much for bringing Coco into our lives. She is just perect. My grandchildren were afraid of dogs, and look at this! Love to you and your family.... Read More
We have called our new puppy Annie. She is a very sweet puppy. Our pug & Annie are getting along well and having fun playing together. I am taking Annie to puppy school once a week... Read More
The puppies are so sweet and have been angels. You are right, they do love the couch! The kids love it! Everyone who has seen them comments how beautiful and well behaved they are.... Read More
Samson is doing very well. He is a lovebug. We are so happy. Thanks again. Love, Natalia and family.... Read More
Daisy is the cutest!... Read More
We love our puppy. Thank you!... Read More
Happy Fourth Birthday to Ben. We love him!... Read More
This puppy left in a customized carrier made by the grandmother to be.... Read More
Thank you Bernadette. Our mini is a perfect match.... Read More
Stephen & Wen
We love our puppy. We will be back for another.... Read More