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Our 2020 Litters:

We are happy to announce we have two litters of Pomskies that will be available end of September and middle of October, respectively. Fall is the perfect season to bring your newest family member home.

We are currently taking reservations on our beautiful puppies, call (917) 952-6646 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

About Pomskies

The Pomsky is a lovable combination of the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. With the friendly face of a Husky in a Pomeranian’s small body, it makes a great alternative to a full sized Husky.

Pomskies are cute, silly, and suited well for apartments and houses alike. The Pomsky is a dog who likes to be the center of attention, and with their adorable looks and playful antics, they often get the adoration they crave.

They are a gorgeous spectrum of colors with striking markings, and have very playful and friendly dispositions. These puppies are handled and played with on a daily basis by three children, so they are very well socialized.

*All sales conducted within NY State are subject to 8% sales tax.


Our Available Pomskies

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