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David & Jenni

Although we have two bigger dogs, we did research on the puggle breed and decided that the adorable medium-sized dog would be a perfect addition to our family. When we first met the puppies, we observed a group of happy and healthy puggles. They were all adorable?it was so difficult to choose just one! The puppies are all given plenty of fresh air and love by the people that raise them. We couldn?t wait to bring our puppy home, but we also felt confident that she would be in nourishing, caring hands until she was ready to leave her mom. Bernadette called us on several occasions to give us updates about the well-being of our particular puppy. She made sure that our puppy had seen a certified Veterinarian before handing her off to us. Our puppy -who we named Kiki- arrived happy and healthy. Bernadette took the time to drive her down to Ithaca to deliver her directly to us. She was personable and attentive. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to get a puppy from. Kiki has been a joy so far. She has a wonderful temperament. She loves to cuddle, but also clown around with us and our other dogs. She is smart and adjusted quickly to her new home. Within just a week, she is nearly house-broken. It has been a wonderful experience working with these breeders, and I would recommend them to anyone interested in adopting a sweet puggle puppy. – David and Jenni(no photo available)

Dec, 15, 2015
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