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Lisa & Kodiak

Good evening! Kodiak is doing very well with us. We had a great ride home. He did get a little car sick though. He threw up 2x, but slept for most of the ride. He had a good 1st night home as well. He ate when we got home, did his business outside and slept very well. He cried a little bit but not for long. He was very busy today getting used to his new home but seems to feel right at home. He is loving Nanuk and he is loving him back. He has lots of new toys to play with and chew. He loves to run around our backyard with Nanuk. The boys are enjoying him very much. Thanks so much for him and for being so kind. We truly enjoyed the trip up for him and spending some time with the other puppies. I hope they all find some great homes real soon. They are all so adorable and I wish I could take them all.

Dec, 15, 2015
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